• Mining licence granted in 2014 and valid until 2034

  • Explored in detail in 2014-2015

  • Technological studies were completed in leading laboratories in Russia. Canada. UK and Australia

  • Construction phase was completed in 12 months

  • Project successfully commenced in 2018

  • Project is fully financed by one of the world’s biggest base metals traders

khinganolovo TIN tailings project

overview and location

The Khinganolovo tailings project is located close to the town of Khingansk and 18km from the Transsiberian Railway.  Tailings dams No1 and No3 were created during mining operations at the Khinganskoye deposit from 1945 to 2005. The tailings are located in the Levyi Khingan River valley at an elevation of 421.5 - 452.0 m above  sea level.

The license BIR00448-TP for exploration and mining of Khinganolovo tailings was issued in 2014 for a period of 30 years. The project has full access to roads, power lines and water supply. The region is well developed economically. The major local employers are mining companies and the railway. 

The main tin carrier is cassiterite contained in samples with coarse grains (+1.0 – 0.25mm). The grains are liberated in size class -0.1+0.074mm, and in a finer class the mineral is fully liberated. The main tin carrying class is below 0.074mm where the general distribution of tin is 79.11%.


The Mineral Resource Estimate is based on deposit geological exploration data compiled into a structured database using MICROMINE®. Based on the geological settings and exploration technique the mineral resources of the Tailings dam No3 are classified as Indicated. Mineral resources of the Tailings dam No1 are classified as Inferred.

resources and reserves

  • The capacity of the processing plant which was designed by Sepro Minerals inc. (Canada) is 150 t of tailings per hour. The processing flowsheet includes gravity pre concentration using Falcon concentrators followed by upgrading using flotation cleaning. Total recovery is more than 65%. Designed plant output is 1600 tonnes of 60% tin concentrate per year.

  • The processing plant design is easy to upgrade to allow Khingan Resources Limited to move ahead towards the development of hard rock deposits and primary ore processing from the Berezovye and Centralnoye deposits.

The quality of 60% tin concentrate complies with the similar products from the major tin producers in the world for Sn content and low impurities which is very sensitive for the further smelting.