maly khingan prospecting areas

overview and location

Khingan Resources Limited ,through its Russian subsidiary 3 mining licenses in Maly Khingan ore field. The field was studied extensively from 1933 to 2005 by Russian Geologists including  1:5000 to 1:50000 geochemical, geophysical and seismic mapping; over 250 thousand cubic meters of trenching and 30 km of drilling were carried out. 

Based on the historical data, Khingan Resources is developing a full scale exploration work program scheduled to be completed in the second half of 2018.

Kimkan Area (License number BIR-00452) license covers 99 km2. The main ore formation is Obmaniyskoye ore field located at a depth of 100 to 500 meters from the surface. Cassiterite is widely present in the local deluvials and reaches up to 0.1% Sn grade, which indicates that erosion has exposed top levels of concealed ore bodies. The ore field consists of minimum 3-4 deposits. Kimkanskoye ore field benefits from advantageous geological conditions on a cross-section of tectonic faults. 



Uzhno-Khinganskiy (License number BIR-00454) license covers 96km2. The license covers 3 known Sn deposits. 2 ore formations - Berezovoe and Lagarskoye are characterized by complex lythochemical and geophysical tin, zink and silver anomalies. There is a significant amount of cassiterite washings in local brooks. Potential resource base (P3) of the area is more than 30-40 thousand t. of Sn.



Salokachnskiy (License number BIR-00453) covers 99 km2. There are 2 known Sn deposits on the area. The largest ore formations are - Taezhnoye, Djalindinskoye and Stanolinskoye. Geochemical survey on Taezhnoye ore field has discovered more than 10 perspective lythochemical anomalies in each area. Djalindinskoye ore field is located next to the same-name deposit with tin wood in its ore. Stanolinskoye ore field has many geochemical anomalies and considerable amount of cassiterite washings in its brooks. 

Salokachinskiy ore field potential resource base (P3) is more than 30-40 thous.t. of Sn.