August 1, 2016


Public hearings for Tailings Project in Khingansk.

Khingan Resources Limited ("Khingan Resources" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that public consultations with the community on development of Khinganolovo Tailings porject took place in Khingansk on the first day of August. The preliminary documentation on environmental impact assessment were provided to the local community for information and comments. The requirements to conduct public consultations on the projects of capital construction are included in the Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation. In accordance with the latter, the assessment of the impact of planned economic and other activity on the environment ‐ is the process, which helps making the environmentally oriented management decision about the implementation of planned economic and other activity by means of identifying possible unfavorable actions, estimation of environmental consequences, taking into account public opinion, development of measures to prevent and minimize these impacts. The information about public consultations has been announced in local and federal newspapers. 

After the public hearings, local community has another 30 days to provide their comments, claims or recomendations on the Tailings project.















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